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About Springvale Car Wreckers

Sell any unwanted car for wrecking or vehicle parts and get paid up to $18,999 with your local Car Wreckers Springvale VIC 3171.

  • Do you own a wrecked car that is no longer roadworthy?
  • Are looking to earn the most money on your used car?
  • Do you want car wrecking and free towing service in Springvale?

If your answer is “YES” to all of these questions, Car Wreckers Springvale is the right place for you. By contacting us, Wrecked car owners absolutely do not have to worry about quality services. It is known to all as cash for cars Springvale because our company offers top cash for all types of vehicles of all models in Springvale Vic.

We are a company that offers to buy all kinds of unwanted or used cars, trucks, SUVs, Utes, Vans, 4WDs, family cars, and commercial vehicles for recycling. 

When selling your unregistered, scrap, or old cars, make sure that you are offered services where they do not charge you any money. It only makes sense that the company pays you instant cash instead of charging you with fees for their services, especially when you are out to earn quick cash on your old car. We make sure to provide you with the best of our services without charging you any money for it. 

All of our car wrecking and car removal services can be availed all across Springvale and surrounding areas. We can easily access every location within the suburb. Not only that, we can access areas within the 10 km radius of Springvale as well.

We Buy Cars and Pay Cash For Cars up to $18,999

At Car Wreckers Springvale, we are ready to buy your car for cash up to $18,999. There are no hard and fast rules for specific makes and models. Just remember, we accept all vehicles regardless of their condition, age, or manufacturer.

All cars that are complete with all major parts and components have some real value in them. At our place, we realize this fact and pay cash for unwanted cars.

All you need is to get a free quote and your car will be sold. For this, use our contact form or send an email. Alternatively, call us and talk to our specialist about wrecking a car in Springvale Victoria. We will also help you in finding the required used auto parts.

Free Scrap Car & Scrap Metal Removal Springvale

It is important for our team of car removals to collect the car on the same day as you request. Being one of the leading car wreckers in Springvale, we find it to be our major responsibility to instantly remove all junk and accident cars. Not only these damaged vehicles are a threat to the environment, but they are also a waste of resources.

Choose your own date and time for pick up

When signing up for a free scrap car removal service, you only need to tell us your preferred day for car removal and your exact location in Springvale. Car Wreckers Springvale has no difficulty in accessing all locations even the remote sites in Melbourne.

Get paid for your unwanted car

We send our team of experts with full equipment to your doorstep on the day you desire. When we arrive at your location, our team asks you to first inspect your car. After they make sure that the vehicle’s condition matches its description, they pay you for it. 

Before we even begin to tow your car, at Car Wreckers Springvale, we make sure that you have received its full worth in cash. It is only after that, we tow your car away to one of our wrecking yards.

Car transfer paperwork and documentation

The experts who come to your place, take care of all the paperwork and make sure that you do not need to lift a finger. Our car removal is completely free of hassle. 

We pay money for wrecking cars on the spot

As mentioned earlier, at Car Wreckers Springvale, we make it a priority to pay our clients. Not only it is unethical but it also makes no sense to keep our clients waiting for the money.

Even if it is a bank transfer that you choose, we make sure to transfer the full value of the car to your account on the same day. Our car valuation experts determine the worth of your car that may exceed up to $18,999. 

Service Areas

At Car Wreckers Springvale, we are ready to come at your place to buy any sort of unwanted car. Checkout the list of the suburbs where we can come within hours to pay you cash for your car.

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Car Models for Wrecking and Their Used Parts

At Car Wreckers Springvale, we accept every type of vehicle and almost every car brand or model. We deal with all European, American, Japanese and Korean car makes. 

Take a look at the expert brand car wreckers that we have in our wrecking yard. We deal in all the following models and pay the maximum value for them.

We accept all cars at Car Wreckers Springvale. This includes pickup cars, 4wd cars, dump cars, loaders, mixers, trailers, containers, cranes, and other special-purpose cars. 

Eco-friendly Car Wrecking and Disposal

Car Wreckers Springvale finds it very important to dispose of an old and junk car in the most eco-friendly way. We bring the old, damaged, dead, and scrap cars for wrecking and making further use out of them after recycling.

The experts first make sure to rid the vehicle of all the residual fluid and fuels. They do that in such a way that neither the land nor the atmosphere is harmed. 

Next, they dismantle the car and set aside all the parts that are seemingly good. All the damaged and irreparable parts are discarded instantly. The discarded parts are sorted material-wise and later recycled. The seemingly good parts on the other hand are passed through several quality tests. After ensuring their quality, we stock them up in our collection of used spare parts for cars. 

Get a Free Car Evaluation

You can get in touch with our team very easily. At Car Wreckers Springvale, our specialists are always accessible through our customer care. If you need to sign up for a quick evaluation first, you can contact us through any of the following ways.

  • Sign up online by filling a simple quick quote form.
  • Email us your contact details and the details of your car to request a quote. 
  • Call our customer care helpline and talk to our staff about the car that you wish to sell.

At Car Wreckers Springvale, our team is prompt with their responses. And suggest the most efficient solutions for your particular situation. We recommend fixing the car putting back on the market if it has minor flaws and is slightly used. In case it is fully damaged and has gone beyond repair, we suggest immediate wrecking and recycling. So, if you are ready to get the full value of your vehicle, don’t think anymore and call us in right now!

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